CAPA Gather Retreat 2017

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CAPA sponsored a retreat for pastors in Detroit, preceding the annual 2017 Gather conference. During a two-day personal retreat, the pastors processed calling, ministry, and ministerial health. We gathered for two days and showed up as we were.  We set apart a space where we could “share” and not “show” our lives, meaning we were not there to posture and pretend.  We gathered in collegiality and left our comparisons at the door as we entered our meeting space.  We wanted to allow safe space for sharing, prayer, and encouragement.  We talked about what it looks like to bring our inner self and our relationship with God into alignment with our external self in the world and in our churches.  We talked about shame, which is a common theme for pastors in an Asian context and when we confess our shame-moments within a safe community that responds with grace and love, shame can lose the power it has over us.  We learned about the history of the Covenant Asian Pastors Association and about the first Asian pastors in the Covenant from Greg Yee, the Pacific Northwest Conference Superintendent.  We shared and engaged one another with our Enneagram types and wings  We talked about highs and lows in ministry and what God was doing in our lives. Lastly, we ended our time with Holy Communion and blessing each pastor with the laying on of hands. It was a time of connection, encouragement, prayers, and laughter.  We had a rich and deep time together and we went away refreshed and encouraged.  We are grateful for the ministry of CAPA and the ECC!



ECC CAPACAPA Gather Retreat 2017
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MIDWINTER Chicago 2016

Midwinter is an annual training event for ministries of all specialties and provides a retreat for the Covenant Ministerium.

Worship Led by The Brilliance
Ruth Haley Barton
R. York Moore
Mark DeYmaz
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